A Healthy Mouth is a Gateway to a Healthy Body

Your primary motivation for your daily brushing and flossing may be to maintain an attractive smile and protect your oral health, but did you realize that keeping your mouth healthy benefits your body as well? Your home oral hygiene regimen, in combination with routine preventive care from your dentist, will help to preserve your general well-being in addition to healthy teeth and gums.

Gum disease is a major concern when it comes to oral health, and some research has suggested a correlation between this oral disease and other systemic problems like heart disease or diabetes. While the specific mechanism underlying this relationship is still being explored, one theory is that the inflammation associated with gum disease has similar effects on tissues elsewhere in the body.

Therefore, if you have a condition like diabetes, you should be sure to follow up regularly with your dentist for exams and cleanings to reduce your risk of gum disease and to get prompt treatment in its earliest stages if you do develop periodontal disease.

Hormonal changes in women also may influence gum disease, so during times of fluctuation, such as menopause, pregnancy or even during a woman’s monthly cycle, it’s important to get adequate and appropriate care from a dentist.

A healthy smile is also essential to getting adequate nutrition, so this may be another compelling reason to stick to a routine of preventive professional care. Advanced tooth decay or gum disease can lead to the need for a tooth to be extracted, which can significantly compromise your ability to chew, let alone your self-esteem. While the technology of tooth replacement has advanced dramatically in the past several decades, your natural tooth is still your best option for a functional smile, so you should do everything possible to prevent tooth loss.

A healthy mouth truly is the gateway to a healthy body, so be sure that you’re doing everything possible to keep your smile in good shape. If you haven’t been in for an exam or cleaning for some time, call our office at Dental Depot to schedule an appointment and get back on track.

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