Dentures are a popular method for replacing lost teeth and can address both minor tooth loss and total tooth loss in a cost-effective manner.

This is especially true among patients who have certain oral conditions and health problems that might not make them a suitable candidate for dental implants. Dental Depot provides custom-made dentures to replace lost teeth and complete the appearance of smiles in a professional and compassionate environment.

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Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used to replace only a few missing teeth. These prosthetic teeth will be connected to banding that is concealed by the prosthetic teeth, themselves, as well as the patient’s natural teeth. The prosthetic teeth attached to a partial will fit next to or between existing healthy teeth.  A partial is supported by clasps that attach to biological teeth, and just like full dentures, partials are removed at night for cleaning and soaking.

Full Dentures

A full denture is used to replace an entire arch of teeth that are missing in the upper or in the lower jaw. For completely edentulous patients, two sets of full dentures are required to give the appearance and function of a complete smile. Full dentures rest directly on top of the gums where they are supported by the arched shape of the jawbone. Full dentures are removed for overnight cleaning and soaking.

When a patient decides to receive dentures as their teeth replacement option, the process to fabricate them is very detailed and intricate so that his or her new teeth are customized to look and feel natural. Since everyone’s oral anatomy is unique, customization of prosthetic teeth is essential for increasing oral function and restoring smiles. From the size of one’s mouth to the shape and thickness of their jaws, dentures must be tailor made.

The process for creating dentures begins with taking pictures, X-rays and impressions (molds) of jaws and any existing teeth. Once this is complete, our dentists will determine the unique measurements of the denture(s). These specifications will then be sent to a dental laboratory where the full or partial denture will be created by skilled technicians.

In the interim, while patients are waiting for their new teeth, they may be given temporary prosthetics to wear. Once the dentures are ready, they will be sent to our office and patients will return for a final fitting, and if there are any issues with the way dentures fit, adjustments will be made.

In addition to being custom made, dentures are crafted from very high quality materials to help lend a natural appearance and improvement to one’s smile. Porcelain is used to mimic lost tooth structure while pink-colored acrylic is used to resemble gum tissue. The pink colored portion of dentures is important for creating a seamless transition from natural gum structure to prosthetics.

If you are missing one or more teeth, we strongly encourage you to schedule a teeth replacement consultation with one of our dentists at Dental Depot. We will help you determine the best tooth replacement option for you!

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