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1950 W Kenosha St
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

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Founded in 1978 by Dr. Glenn Ashmore, Dental Depot has grown into the family-owned and operated dental practice that it is today. With 40+ years in business, our practice remains committed to supporting the dental health and complete well-being of the communities we serve. The Broken Arrow dental clinic of Dental Depot has a dedicated, knowledgeable, and patient-centered team consisting of two dentists, dental hygienists, and other critical professional support staff members. Every person on our team makes a vital contribution to helping our practice maintain its superb reputation and providing our patients with the highest level of care on a daily basis.

What Distinguishes
Dental Depot
from other
Dental Practices

Every Dental Depot practice works diligently to establish a reputation for providing quality care that’s based on the most current dental research, therapies, materials, methodologies, and treatments. We are also committed to building rapport and genuine, long-term relationships with all of our patients. Finally, each Dental Depot practice is dedicated to creating strong community ties. At Dental Depot, we’re more than a medical service provider. We’re also a neighbor.

Below are just a few of the specific ways in which Dental Depot stands out:

  • We employ a friendly team of dental professionals who genuinely care about each patient. Our highly trained dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants are truly patient-focused and prioritize providing the best possible care to every patient, every day
  • We cultivate a relaxing and calm clinical environment
  • We keep our offices pristine
  • We offer flexible financing options to make dental care affordable for the entire family


We are committed to supporting the local communities surrounding each of our offices. We encourage and participate in a variety of community services and programs, such as dental education for schoolchildren.

Dental Services Provided at Our Broken Arrow Dental Office

Our Broken Arrow location offers dental services to children, teens, and adults. We specialize in the area of general dentistry, providing services such as:

What our
patients say

Dental Depot has earned a stellar reputation for consistently providing an exceptional level of highly personalized dental care. Every member of our professional team works hard to create trusting, long-term relationships with all of our patients. We mean it most sincerely when we say we consider our patients to be a part of our extended family. At all of our Dental Depot locations, you’ll find:
  • A pristine and inviting office
  • A peaceful, comfortable environment
  • A friendly, caring and knowledgeable team of dental professionals dedicated to ensuring each patient is comfortable, receives the utmost level of care and is empowered to make informed decisions about their treatment
  • Treatment based on the most cutting-edge research and proven practices
  • Affordable dental care for the entire family

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