Dental Depot accepts SoonerCare, Oklahoma's Medicaid program, for dental services throughout Oklahoma.

Dental Depot is committed to meeting the dental needs of Oklahomans across the state. That’s why we’re proud to accept SoonerCare, also known as Medicaid, at all of our Dental Depot locations. With nearly 800,000 of our friends and neighbors relying on SoonerCare to meet their medical and dental needs, it’s no wonder so many patients choose Dental Depot as their dental provider.

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What is SoonerCare?

SoonerCare is a health coverage program jointly funded by the state and federal government that helps pay some or all medical bills for many people who can’t afford them. SoonerCare benefits may include doctor visits, hospitalization, prescriptions and even dental care. In fact, 20% of Oklahomans are enrolled in SoonerCare – two thirds of which are children.

Who can benefit from SoonerCare?

SoonerCare exists to care for people who need it most. You may qualify for SoonerCare if you are:

  • A U.S. citizen or certain qualified noncitizen, such as lawful permanent resident
  • A resident of Oklahoma 
  • Within the income standards

For more information on applying for SoonerCare, please visit

What dental benefits are available to children with SoonerCare?

SoonerCare classifies children as enrollees who are under age 21. Children can receive a number of different treatment options, with a focus on preventative care. Many services are available to children, although some services require a preauthorization from SoonerCare. Services to children include:

  • Exams,
  • Cleanings,
  • X-rays,
  • Dental sealants
  • Stainless steel crowns for primary teeth,
  • Endodontics,
  • Space maintainers,
  • Fillings,
  •  Orthodontics


While SoonerCare pays for most services deemed necessary by providers, preauthorizations are required for many services before treatment. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call or request an appointment online.

What dental benefits are available to adults with SoonerCare?

SoonerCare classifies adults as enrollees who are age 21 and above. Coverage for adults is limited to:

  • Emergency extractions,
  • Limited oral exams,
  • Smoking and tobacco use cessation counseling,
  • Limited dental services are available for patients who meet all medical criteria, but require dental clearance for an organ transplant.


SoonerCare also allows extended services for adult patients registered with the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDSD) program, of which Dental Depot* is a preferred provider.

I have SoonerCare. How can I make an appointment?

Scheduling an appointment with our office is easy. Give us a call at your preferred location or request an appointment easily online. We believe that all patients deserve quality, compassionate care. Dental Depot is proud to be your preferred SoonerCare provider. We can’t wait to see you smile.

*Dental Depot requires DDSD patients to be seen at Dental Depot Central OKC, located at 3104 N.W. 23rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73107.


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