Virtual Orthodontics Consultation

Dental Depot offers an initial orthodontics consultation that’s completely free. Has orthodontic treatment been something you have considered but haven’t found the time to go into the office for your consultation? Now you can receive a consultation online. Just follow the easy steps below and you will be on the way to achieving your best smile ever! 

A family does online check in at dental depot

Step 1:

Everything you will need to provide is laid out in our pop-up form, which you can access by clicking the banner at the bottom of this page, or you can click the button here:

Select a treatment you are interested in, enter some basic information, answer a few simple questions, and take 5 pictures of your mouth and teeth using your device’s camera (the pop up will help guide you through this process). 

A girl is shown an Invisiline model while at dental depot

Step 2:

Our on-staff orthodontists and their assistants review your submission within 2 business days of you sending it in and develop a treatment plan that is custom fit for you. They will contact you via phone to discuss their recommendations and schedule an in person consultation if needed. 

A woman is shown an Invisiline model at dental depot

If you would prefer an in-person consultation, please contact your most convenient Dental Depot Orthodontics location and we’ll schedule an appointment.

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