Protect Your Child’s Smile with Custom-fitted Athletic Mouth guards

If you’re committed to taking your child to a children’s dentist twice a year for checkups, cleanings and follow-ups on all recommended care, then you’re clearly committed to preserving your child’s oral health. So, it follows that if your child plays sports, you should look into custom-fitted mouth guards to protect the smile from the damage that can result from facial injuries sustained during sports.

Some parents may be tempted by inexpensive boil-and-bite models that can be purchased in sporting goods stores, but these appliances pale in comparison to a mouthguard that a children’s dentist specifically designs for your child’s unique mouth structure. The latter has a better fit and offers more protection during contact injuries. Consequently, a custom-designed mouthguard can minimize the risk of significant trauma that could warrant a major dental intervention.

Furthermore, custom mouth guards tend to be more comfortable, so your child is likely to be more agreeable to wearing the device.

Some evidence from scientific research also suggests that mouth guards may even offer some protection against concussions in addition to preserving the smile.

The process of getting a custom-designed mouthguard is quite simple. The children’s dentist first takes dental impressions of the child’s teeth, and those impressions are then sent to the manufacturer that will create the mouthguard.

Your dentist may have some other suggestions of preventive measures that can help guard against damage to your child’s smile during sports. Additionally, the dentist can make recommendations of the steps to take in an emergency, should one arise.

Some parents may think that mouth guards aren’t important if their child is just playing in a recreational league or doesn’t get much playing time on the team. However, athletes can suffer facial trauma any time they take the field or court, so it’s important to be prepared.

Parents of children who are athletes should consider custom-crafted mouth guards to protect their children’s smiles while they play contact sports. Call our caring team at any of our conveniently located Dental Depot practices to learn more about this process.

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