The Time to Smile with Invisalign is Now

Clear aligners are one of the biggest innovations that have happened to orthodontic treatment, and nobody does them better than Invisalign. We’re all familiar with the benefits of ortho – a straighter smile can make you more confident, as well as improve the function and overall health of your smile. 
But, for a long time, getting a straight smile meant spending years in uncomfortable metal braces. And while traditional orthodontics have come a long way as well (dramatically reducing discomfort and treatment time), Invisalign aligners are making straighter smiles possible for today’s patients.
Whether you’re a parent of a tween or teen looking to get started on orthodontics or an adult who may have even been through traditional orthodontics earlier in life, Invisalign is a good choice for those who don’t want to change their lifestyle just to change their smile.
Invisalign is made to move, providing effective alignment without the worry of breaking brackets or the restrictions that come with traditional orthodontics. With Invisalign you can keep eating your favorite food, play sports without worry, brush and floss normally and even remove them for special occasions.
And for those of you worried your teen might not be wearing their aligners the recommended 20-22 hours a day needed for effective treatment, Invisalign creates their aligners with compliance indicators to help track wear time. 
And now, for a limited time, you get started on the smile you want with Invisalign. Through July 31, 2019, patients can start comprehensive Invisalign treatment at any of our Oklahoma offices (excluding Southwest OKC and Edmond) and take $1000 off their treatment. Click here to learn more about our Invisalign offer and to set up a free consultation at the office of your choice.
Not sure that Invisalign could change your smile? Come in for a consultation and do a digital scan with our iTero Element 2 digital scanner. This unique technology was created by Invisalign and eliminates the goopy dental moulds of old. You’ll be able to see the 3D scan of your current smile, as well as how Invisalign will affect it, showing you the end result. 
What are you waiting for? Schedule your free Invisalign consultation today to take advantage of our $1000 off July special and get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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