Harmful Dental Habits to Avoid

If you want to steer clear of issues with your teeth that could require a fix from a dentist, it’s important to avoid several potentially harmful bad habits.

Skimping on your home oral hygiene routine may be one of the worst of these dental faux pas. Brushing your teeth twice a day (for the adequate period of time and using the correct technique) and flossing daily are instrumental in keeping plaque and tartar at bay. If you don’t brush or floss as much or as well as you should, bacteria can build up in your mouth and cause cavities or gum disease, either of which can lead to tooth and/or bone loss in the most severe cases.

A good oral care routine at home is not sufficient to protect your smile, so seeing our dentist office, which accepts Sooner Care, every six months is crucial, as well. If you’ve gotten into the habit of postponing your appointments for cleanings and routine exams (or avoiding them altogether), get back on track with a semiannual schedule.

Another bad habit that can damage your teeth and require attention from a dentist is chewing or biting on things that aren’t food. When you chew on a hard object, like a pencil, it can cause increased wear and tear on your teeth. Even biting your fingernails can harm your teeth and the soft tissue as well. And please don’t think about using your teeth for something like opening a bottle. They’re not designed for that.

Patients may not even be aware of the detrimental habit in some cases. Subconscious clenching or grinding of the teeth due to stress or other factors can degrade teeth over time. You may notice uneven patterns of wear on your teeth or develop some jaw pain from this action. If you do have bruxism, it often can be addressed by wearing a specially designed mouthguard at night.

Do you have any bad habits that are compromising the health of your smile? If so, talk to one of our expert providers at Dental Depot to ask any questions or discuss the steps you can take to break that habit and boost your oral health.

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