Good Dental Health Starts Early

Developing healthy dental habits and establishing good oral hygiene practices begins in childhood. It is the job of parents and caregivers to give kids their first lessons in leading a healthy lifestyle. Once children are old enough to receive cleanings and checkups, our children’s dentist will help reinforce what is being taught at home while providing comprehensive services including preventive treatments and restorations, if necessary.

Studies have shown that children whose parents and caregivers prioritize oral hygiene, healthy eating, and regular visits to the dentist, enjoy better overall oral health than children who do not have access to oral healthcare and inadequate instruction at home. Moreover, research shows that children who grow up in households where dental health is a priority tend to have healthier teeth and gums in adulthood.

Why Dental Care in Childhood is Important

Misconceptions about oral healthcare are never in short supply. Some people believe that since children’s baby teeth are ultimately replaced by adult teeth, receiving regular checkups and cleanings is not important. This line of thinking can be very dangerous to a child’s oral health. Although baby teeth are replaced by permanent teeth, untreated tooth decay can have far-reaching effects on adolescents’ well-being. Untreated tooth decay can cause speech impediments, discomfort, and systemic oral infections. Children with untreated cavities often suffer with poor academic performance because they are constantly distracted by discomfort.

When treating tooth decay early on, the process for restoring teeth is quite simple. Early detection means that patients enjoy conservative, non-invasive treatments like fillings. Regular checkups also mean that our team can catch potential problems as soon as possible and use preventive measures to stop them from progressing. In addition to early detection provided by checkups, professional cleanings are helpful. During cleanings, we remove substances that cannot be brushed or flossed away while also providing memorable oral health education to children. Our hygienists are trained to teach children the importance of proper brushing and flossing with visual tools and graphics.

Our children’s dentist and our team are dedicated to helping children achieve great oral health. To schedule an appointment at our family-friendly practice, call our office today.

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