Get Back to Work with a Career in Dentistry

Over the last year, we’ve all had time to observe the ebb and flow of the workforce. We’ve seen new industries forged in the fires of innovation flourish and watched others, resistant to adaptation, buckle and collapse. So, if you find yourself looking for a new career or just need to get back to work, look no further than the dental field.
Dentistry is a great career that – by the merit of everyone either having or needing teeth – isn’t going away, well, ever. Not a dentist? Not a problem! Dentistry offers many fulfilling career paths depending onTwo dental assistants looking at a computer what your passion is, whether it’s combining art and science, helping others, or developing your leadership skills.

Ready to get started? Dental Depot is hiring all positions!

If dentistry sounds like a field you’re interested in learning more about or if you’re ready to apply right away – Dental Depot would love to meet you! You can view all of our positions and apply easily online here or even meet us in person at our upcoming career fairs. To sign up for your spot at the career fair, visit and don’t forget to bring your resume and come dressed for an onsite interview.

Oklahoma City Career Fair

Tuesday, June 15th 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Dental Depot Northwest Expressway

4025 NW 63rd St. Oklahoma City

Tulsa Career Fair

Thursday, June 17th 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Dental Depot Central Tulsa

4770 S. Harvard Ave. Tulsa

Dental Depot will help qualifying new hires apply for the $1,200 Oklahoma Back to Work Incentive, available later this June.

Not sure where you’d best fit into a dental office? Take a look at the positions across our offices to learn more and see where you could make an impact.

Front Office

Business Office Assistant (BOA) – this position is a great starting place for anyone with front office experience or those with an interest in getting started in dentistry. BOAs are responsible for greeting patients, scheduling appointments, answering phones, handling patient charts, and even verifying insurance. BOAs are often the first person patients interact with, so it’s important to make a positive and friendly impression on them.
Treatment Planning Coordinator/Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) – this position is a great fit for those who might have existing familiarity with insurance or treatment planning, especially with CDT codes. PCCs act as the liaison between the patient, their dentist, and their insurance provider. They discuss the treatment plan and financial expectations with patients, helping them to maximize insurance benefits and even utilize other payment methods like CareCredit.
Patient Account Service Representative (PASR) – if you have a background in medical billing, accounting, or insurance a PASR position might be a good fit for you. PASRs spend the majority of their time on the phone, communicating with patients and insurance companies about outstanding balances, claims, and funds. They are problem-solvers and help patients to get the most out of their insurance benefits.
Dental assistant handing a patient paperwork


Leadership in Training (LIT) – if you’re passionate about your pursuit of a leadership position, look no further than LIT. These team members help ensure that all aspects of their offices are running smoothly and must master the functions of the above positions to act as a trainer to others in their office. They work closely with and are mentored by assistant managers and office managers, helping resolve patient concerns and finding opportunities to improve the practice.
Assistant Manager (AM) & Office Manager (OM) – if you have previous experience in a dental office leadership position this might be a great place to get started. Office leadership works to make sure that both the front office and clinical teams are working seamlessly together. They maintain compliance with all office policies, facilitate training, audit call logs and financial reports, balance end of day and more.
dental assistant showing a patient about brushing teeth

Clinical Positions

Clinical dentistry positions often require special certification or education, depending on the role.
All three assistant positions below require a dental assistant permit and those with expanded duties – like coronal polishing – are in high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that dental assisting will grow 19% between 2016 and 2026.
Hygiene Assistant (HA) – if you want to learn more about dental hygiene, a hygiene assistant position might be right for you! HAs work with dental hygienists to set up operatories, educate patients on best oral health practices, take x-rays, and record patient charts. Notably, Dental Depot hires first-year hygiene students over the summers to study under our hygiene mentors.
Dental Assistant (DA) – for those with an eagerness to get hands-on with patients and doctors, dental assisting is an exciting career path. No two patients are the same and dental assisting offers the ability to gain skill and pay as they earn each expanded function certificate. DAs work under the instruction of their dentist to complete various treatments and services for patients, set up and maintain equipment, and prepare the patient for treatment from beginning to end.
Orthodontic Assistant (OA) – ready to get things straight? Orthodontic assisting might be for you! OAs assist their orthodontists by preparing patients for consultations and appointments, as well as taking x-rays and other ortho-specific imaging. They assist in the removal and clean-up of braces, bond retainers, and deliver bands and aligners.
Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) – hygienists are responsible for more than just prophylaxis anddental assistant talking to little girl in the chair periodontal scaling (AKA – cleaning teeth). RDHs also examine patients for any signs of trouble – from potential cavities to signs of oral cancer – and work with dentists to make a diagnosis. They also educate patients on best practices, apply fluoride and sealants, perform deep cleanings, and even help numb patients for treatment.
Dental hygienists require an associate’s degree in dental hygiene and licensing as required by their states. The BLS predicts that growth for hygienists is also promising – the field is predicted to grow by 20% from 2016 to 2016.
General Dentists (DDS/DMD) – dentists examine, diagnose, and provide treatment to patients with disease, injuries, or malformations of teeth and gums. They educate patients on oral health, preventative services, and provide treatment options. They are leaders on their teams and work with both their assistants and front office staff to keep things running smoothly.
Dentists enter the field at the doctoral level, having to complete a four-year undergraduate program, four-year dental school, written and practical exams, and finally, state licensure. After dental school, dentists can go on to learn a specialty, like orthodontics or oral surgery.

Support Staff

Still not sure you’d find the right fit inside a dental office? DSOs (Dental Support Organizations), like Dental Depot, have a wide variety of support positions including those in human resources, accounting, patient communications, information technology, marketing and more! Other positions include medical billing specialists, facilities team members, and even welders.Dr. Glenn standing at the door of a train at a train station

About Dental Depot

Founded in 1978 by Dr. Glenn Ashmore, Dental Depot has been in the business of high-quality, compassionate, affordable, patient-focused dentistry for more than 40 years. Today, Dental Depot is one of the largest employers in the state of Oklahoma, and is rapidly expanding in Texas, Arizona, and Missouri. In 2020, Dental Depot transitioned into a DSO, bringing on trusted dentists who share Dr. Glenn’s mission and vison as Partner-Owners, all supported by a dedicated team at their Executive Leadership Office.
Dental Depot is proud to offer employees medical insurance through BlueCross BlueShield, EyeMed vision insurance, dental discounts, 401(K) retirement plans, heath care and dependent FSAs available, prescription coverage, and competitive pay.
Ready to apply? You can view all of our positions and apply easily online here or even meet us in person at our upcoming career fairs. To sign up for your spot at the career fair, visit and don’t forget to bring your resume and come dressed for an onsite interview.

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