Counting Ourselves Lucky: Celebrating Our Teams in 2021

Dr. Tara Stanford makes green pancakes to celebrate her teams on St. Patrick's Day.
Dr. Tara Stanford makes green pancakes to celebrate her teams on St. Patrick’s Day.

Dental Depot has long been dedicated to improving the oral health and wellness of our patients and communities, but every March brings with it a number of celebrations aimed at honoring our teams. Between Employee Appreciation Day, Dentist’s Day, and Dental Assistants Recognition Week (with Dental Hygienists Appreciation Week soon to follow!), there’s a lot of gratitude to go around.
Our teams are diverse, talented, compassionate, and knowledgeable. And with more than 600 employees across Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, and Missouri, there are a lot of people for us to be thankful for! Each individual plays an important role in their teams and in their offices, working together to make sure we’re able to provide the best possible service to our patients and uplift our communities.
We’ve been fortunate to keep many of the same great people who began this journey with us more than 40 years ago and are grateful to all of the wonderful people who’ve joined us along the way as Dental Depot has grown.
There are lots of “thank you’s” to be had, so don’t mind us while we celebrate the teams who make Dental Depot possible.

From the First Smile to the Last, Here’s to Our Front Office Staff

Friendly, resourceful, and committed, our front office teams make sure that our patients are greeted with a smile and leave with one as well. Whether scheduling appointments, verifying paperwork or creating unique treatment plans, our front office staff act as a liaison between patients and providers. Here’s to all of the business office associates, patient care coordinators, and office leadership keeping our front office on track!

We Can Always Count on Our Clinical Teams

While the importance of our clinical teams can’t be overstated, we’re especially grateful for the way they adapted to all of the changes over the last year. Our clinical teams make sure our patients experience compassionate, personal, and thorough treatment during their visits with us. On top of that, they make sure that rooms are clean and that our doctors have the tools and support they need to make visits quick and painless.

We Couldn’t Do It Without Our Doctors

The vision and mission Dr. Glenn Ashmore brought to his private practice in 1978 are still what drives us today, and what has inspired new generations of dentists to join Dental Depot throughout the years. Our doctors lead the way in making sure our patients receive high-quality, common sense dentistry each and every visit and do their part to educate our patients to help them take control of their oral health.
We’re especially grateful to all of the mentors, partners, and partner-owners who have dedicated themselves to growing and bettering Dental Depot as we continue into the future.

We Can Lean on Our Support Teams

Dental Depot’s Executive Leadership Office (ELO) consists of a number of departments and more than 70 people who make up the support staff for our offices. Accounting, patient account services, marketing, human resources, IT, our customer call center, and more all office out of the ELO, with additional support team members serving in their own regions.
Without our dedicated ELO team, much of what we do here at Dental Depot wouldn’t be possible, especially as we grow. To all of our support team members at ELO, facilities, and more, we appreciate you!

the teams at northwest expressway sit down for breakfast
Our teams at Dental Depot Northwest Expressway sat down to a very green breakfast on St. Patrick’s Day, among other celebrations.

To all of our Dental Depot team members; we see you, we’re grateful for you, and we can’t wait to help you grow. Here’s to another year of doing better, together!

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