Tooth decay is the most common problem dealt with in the dental office. It is also the most commonly neglected issue with the teeth and the most common cause of tooth loss. Because of the prevalence of tooth decay, and the possible consequences if it is not dealt with promptly, it is important to visit your Dental Depot dentist on a regular basis to detect decay in time for treatment to be effective.

Symptoms of Tooth Decay

The best time to detect tooth decay is before it has progressed to a point where symptoms are obvious. This is why careful examination and X-rays are so important to your regular dental care regimen. A dentist can detect decay long before you notice symptoms and can provide treatment before the tooth is threatened.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you should see your Dental Depot dentist right away, as they could be indications of advanced decay:

If tooth decay has advanced to the point where you experience these symptoms, it might be severe, or an infection might have developed. Your dentist may need to perform more extensive work than would have been necessary if the decay had been previously diagnosed during a regular dental visit.

Preventing Tooth Decay

The best way to manage tooth decay is through prevention. Preventing decay is the major goal of both everyday at-home dental hygiene and regular visits to your dental office.

All of the following at-home practices help reduce the likelihood of decay:

  • Avoid sugary or sticky foods and beverages
  • Brush and floss regularly
  • Use a fluoride toothpaste

In addition, be sure to visit your Dental Depot dentist every four to six months for a thorough cleaning and examination of your teeth and gums.  By following these guidelines, you will be more likely to avoid serious tooth decay.

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