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Dr. Mark McCollough


Dr. Mark McCollough has been with Dental Depot since November of 2016. Before joining Dental Depot, Dr. McCollough served in the US military as a member of the USPHS for 28 years, reaching the rank of Captain.

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“When I joined Dental Depot, the owners asked, ‘How can we make this [office] better?’ I said that incorporating open bays allows us to be more functional and see more patients efficiently,” said Dr. McCollough. “The biggest thing is that all of our current locations – architecturally – have been designed for closed-bay facilities.

“Unlike in general dentistry, where you have to have closed rooms, in orthodontics, everybody is receiving the same care – that’s how we can [have an open bay]. This allows me, as the orthodontist, to see more people than what a general dentist could at one particular time,” said Dr. McCollough. “With high-end, well-trained orthodontic assistants – they’re capable of carrying out the orthodontic procedures after I review with the patient. Thus, allowing us to see more patients in a very efficient and quality manner.”


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Love them! I have been going to Dental Depot for several years now, and the Dentists and Assistants are always very caring and considerate. I had to have a root canal and crowns when I first started, and had a major fear of dentistry. Dr. Glenn walked me through every step, and divided my treatment plan in sessions that were comfortable for me. I am now going next door to the Orthodontis, Dr. Mccoullough, and have been pleased so far."

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