Dental Myths that Could Be Damaging Your Teeth

With so many prevalent and commonly held dental myths, you could be unknowingly damaging your teeth. From chewing on hard objects like pen caps to forgetting to floss, bad dental habits can lead to permanent damage to your teeth. Here, our team dispels common dental myths to help members of our community enjoy healthy teeth and gums. Our dental team provides preventive and restorative services such as checkups, cleanings, fillings, and crowns.

Myth 1: Flossing isn’t Necessary

Do you skip flossing from time to time? Perhaps you believe that brushing your teeth is all that is necessary to enjoy a clean mouth. Many folks believe that flossing isn’t very important; unfortunately, this notion is untrue. Flossing is important, and if you forego flossing, the hard to reach crevices in between teeth are likely to be riddled with bacteria and debris. Flossing, in conjunction with thorough brushing, is essential for controlling the buildup of plaque (and ultimately tartar), a substance of colonized bacteria that can weaken the enamel surface of teeth over time and inflame the gums. We strongly encourage patients to floss every single day—preferably just before bed.

Myth 2: White Teeth are Healthy Teeth

Many people mistakenly believe that white teeth are a sign of good oral health. Conversely, many people associate stained teeth as unhealthy. The truth is not so simple. The color of teeth is not always an accurate indicator of dental health. In fact, many patients with permanent tooth stains from exposure to dark foods and drinks have strong, healthy teeth. Since it is difficult to ascertain how healthy teeth are just by their appearance, it is important to receive regular checkups with our dentists. During checkups, our team uses diagnostic technology to measure the density of teeth and the strength of tooth enamel. This technology allows us to see whether cavities are forming or if the internal structure of teeth is damaged.

In addition to practicing proper oral hygiene, we recommend that patients receive professional cleaning and checkups twice a year. Call our practice today to reserve an appointment.

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