Common Causes and Symptoms of a Toothache

Toothache pain can come in any number of forms, including a dull ache, a sharp throbbing sensation or pain during chewing or whenever pressure is applied to the tooth. The pain may radiate to the gums or seem to originate there. Other associated symptoms may include bad breath or fever, both of which can indicate the presence of an infection.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of a toothache, it’s important to consult with your dentist as soon as possible, not only to get treatment to eliminate any discomfort that you’re experiencing.

Common causes

When you present complaints of a toothache, your dentist will begin by examining you to determine what is causing your symptoms. Possible causes of toothaches include cavities, abscesses or injury to the tooth. Damage to previously placed restorations, infections in the gum tissue or bruxism (grinding of the teeth) may also be the culprit of a toothache.

After the cause of your toothache is clear, then you can proceed with treatment. A cavity will need to be filled, or depending on the size of the cavity, a crown may need to be placed to restore the tooth in question. Toothaches that are due to grinding of the teeth may need to be addressed with a mouthguard worn at night in addition to any restorations that may be appropriate in the case.

Root canals may be needed to treat teeth that are so severely decayed that the tooth’s center pulp has been compromised as a result. Root canals are also a valuable intervention for saving a tooth that has been severely damaged due to an injury. If the pulp chamber is exposed to the oral cavity, oral bacteria can easily infiltrate that tissue, possibly using the tooth as a jumping point before spreading throughout the rest of the body.

Don’t ignore symptoms of a toothache. They can indicate the presence of a serious oral health condition that requires prompt treatment. Call our office to schedule an evaluation as soon as possible if you are experiencing any significant dental pain.

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