4 Important Steps to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Your child’s oral health is important. Preserving his or her teeth and gums should be an essential part of your daily routine. Oral health is connected to overall well-being. Children with unhealthy teeth and gums are more likely to fall behind in school, develop speech impediments and experience frequent oral discomfort.

From instructing your child on oral hygiene to helping him or her make healthy eating decisions, your parental guidance can lay a foundation of good health for a lifetime. Our pediatric dentist offers comprehensive oral healthcare services for kids that include preventive and restorative treatments.

Encourage Proper Oral Hygiene

Home care is your child’s first defense against tooth decay and gum disease. Many times, children may not brush long enough or may miss large areas of the mouth. When establishing your child’s oral hygiene routine, it is important to watch his or her brushing and flossing habits and offer help when needed.

Prioritizing oral hygiene sets an example for your child to take it seriously. You can also implement a reward system. For example, if your son or daughter practices proper oral hygiene for a week, you can rent a movie of his or her choosing on the weekend. 

Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar is very problematic to oral health. The harmful bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar particles. Sugar fuels bacteria, which in turn, leads to the colonization of bacteria. Harmful bacteria can eat through weakened tooth structure causing cavities. Reducing sugar intake is one way to protect against dental caries.

Increase Water Consumption

Aside from saliva, water is a natural way to dilute acid and rinse debris from the mouth. Rather than drinking sugary and acidic juices, sports drinks, and sodas, we encourage parents to increase their child’s water intake. Tap water also contains fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral that strengthens tooth enamel.

Schedule Regular Appointments with Your Children’s Dentist

Keeping routine dental checkups and cleanings is essential to detecting and treating disease. Most common oral health conditions do not improve on their own. Problems like cavities or gum disease require professional intervention, which is often minimally invasive when detected early on.

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