Teeth Removal

If healthy and functional, your wisdom teeth can be useful. However, there are also reasons behind why you may need to consider removing your wisdom teeth.

At Dental Depot, we know that wisdom teeth removal is important. Your third molars, commonly known as your wisdom teeth, are typically the last teeth to erupt in your mouth. 

In some cases, your wisdom teeth are in fact healthy, but because of orthodontic treatment, they need to be removed. In other cases, your wisdom teeth can become impacted or only partially erupt through the gum in a misalignment. When impacted or partially impacted, your wisdom teeth can cause swelling, pain and even infection of the surrounding gum. They can also put pressure on the adjacent teeth, which can result in permanent damage to these otherwise healthy teeth and their surrounding bone.

Sometimes, impacted or partially impacted wisdom teeth can also lead to the formation of cysts, and in worse case scenarios even tumors, which could potentially destroy an entire section of your jaw.

Lastly, a fully erupted wisdom tooth needs to be removed because they are very hard to clean and can become severely decayed. So for these reasons sometimes the smart move is to have your wisdom teeth removed.

The Treatment

Whether your dentist or a specialist is removing your wisdom tooth the procedure is the same:

First, a local anesthetic is given to make the procedure more comfortable. In some cases, your doctor may elect to administer nitrous oxide gas in addition to the anesthetic or use a general anesthetic to put you under entirely. 

Once the area is numb, the extraction begins. A dental instrument called an elevator is used to wiggle the tooth in its socket. 

After the tooth is loosened it is removed using forceps or in some more complicated cases, a surgical handpiece is also used to assist with the removal of the tooth.

Possible Complications With Extractions

Like most other procedures, tooth extraction is not free of possible complications. You should be aware that there is a slight chance of infection, tenderness, prolonged bleeding, dry socket and loosening of neighboring teeth or their fillings or crowns. Another rare possibility is an upper tooth getting displaced into the sinus. Lastly, jaw fracture and temporary or permanent numbness are also very rare possibilities.

When Should I Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

There is no single right answer for everyone; however, if your dentist has advised you that your wisdom teeth look potentially problematic it’s generally best to remove them sooner rather than later. This advice is based on the fact that the younger you are, the faster you heal. The likeliness of lingering numbness, jaw fracture or other complications also increases with age. Lastly, the longer you leave a troublesome wisdom tooth in your mouth, the longer it has to cause further problems in the future.

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Customers Say

I had never been to the dentist, and went in with a painful wisdom tooth. I was surprised when Dr. Ophus was able to pull the tooth, plus start a long needed crown all in the same day of my first visit. She and her staff were friendly and informative. I had zero pain during the extraction! It was a great experience. We'd definitely recommend Dr. Ophus and her team!

Customers Say

Developed serious pain from a wisdom tooth. Called on a Monday as soon as they opened and got an appointment at 10am. By 11 am the exam and extraction were finished. The staff was polite and helpful, eplxplained things thoroughly. Best experience I've had at a dentist in a long time.

Customers Say

I had a broken wisdom tooth and the DD on Rockwell was able to fit me in the next morning. The tooth had to extracted, I was nervous, but the entire staff was wonderful. Dr. Keaster was very calming and reassuring. Ashley was wonderful in explaining what to expect. I made an appointment to come back in a few months for some fillings. I will be using the DD on Rockwell from now on. Thank you all for making my visit such a positive one.

Customers Say

I will start by saying my last dental appt. was with mydentist and I paid $350 for a simple extraction and when I got a dry socket the assistant and dentist complained about being too buisy to see me. I apologized and was ignored. This visitto the DENTAL DEPOT HEFNER STATION WAS ABSOLUTELY DELITEFUL! I started by having my teeth cleaned and x rays (first time in 18 years) The dental hygienist was so nice I could have took her home. The next day I had 3 teeth including 2 bottom wisdoms and 7 fillings. Its now been 4 days and I have only really felt pain when lying down. Dr. Damon johnson and his assistant did all they could to make me feel comfortable and treated me with complete respect. Some of the complaints on here are ridiculous irrigating and packing a dry socket is normal. I doubt they told someone they forgot thier kid and its not thier problem if you have a buisy day. Thanks for reading. I recommend this office to anyone. P.s im on soonercare medicaid so they are not snobs every buisnesd needs to be paid to remain open.