What You Need to Know About Root Canal Treatment for Kids

It may seem that children don’t need to worry about root canals, but their permanent teeth can become damaged by injury or severe decay that warrants this treatment method. Although it’s not as common, a pediatric dentist may even recommend that a primary tooth receive root canal treatment if necessary to prevent the tooth from being lost prematurely, which can interfere with the proper eruption of the permanent tooth at the site.

The most important thing for a parent to know about root canal treatment is that this intervention is not nearly as painful as its (largely undeserved) reputation would have you believe. Most patients report that they experience no more discomfort with a root canal than they do when having a cavity filled. Furthermore, when a children’s dentist provides this treatment, specialized techniques and instruments can be used for maximum patient comfort.

If you give your child anxious vibes about the treatment—even if your words attempt to reassure them—your child will pick up on that and may become fearful of the procedure. Therefore, it’s vital for you to know the facts about root canal treatment yourself so that you can convey them to your child.

The root canal process involves cleaning out infected pulp material from the root canal chambers. In order to access that space, the dentist must drill a small hole in the child’s tooth. The child receives local anesthetic to minimize sensation during this procedure. After all of the infected pulp is removed and the empty chamber thoroughly cleaned to eliminate any lingering bacteria, the empty chamber is then filled with an inert rubber-like substance to prevent the bacteria from repopulating the space. Teeth treated with root canals are typically fitted with crowns afterward as well, to protect the tooth from potential breakage.

The prospect of root canal therapy can be scary for grown-ups, so it’s understandable that pediatric patients might be extra apprehensive about the treatment. As a parent, you can do a lot to reassure your child with the facts about root canal treatment.

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