Healthy Dental Habits to Follow

When it comes to enjoying vibrant oral health, patients should adopt healthy dental habits as a part of daily life. This means that patients and their families should take what they eat and drink into consideration, avoid bad habits such as teeth grinding, and commit to visiting a dentist for regular exams and cleanings. Following are some helpful tips that all patients can benefit from.

Reduce Sugar and Starch Intake

Foods and beverages that contain carbohydrates and sugars feed oral bacteria. To help starve off and reduce bacteria colonization, patients should avoid sugary and starchy foods. Candies, breads, pasta, juice, and soda can contribute to the development of cavities and gum disease. Instead, our team recommends that patients swap out carb and sugar-rich foods with leafy greens and lean proteins.

Drink Water throughout the Day

Not only is drinking water important for flushing out toxins and keeping the body hydrated, water also helps rinse the mouth. Water can dilute acids and rinse away leftover food that bacteria feed on. We recommend drinking at least 64 ounces of water throughout the day.

Practice Thorough Oral Hygiene

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. When we clean dishes or fold laundry, we tend to go on “auto-pilot”. Some patients may do this during oral hygiene, too. We encourage patients to practice mindfulness when brushing and flossing their teeth. This means that patients should be mindful of how long they are brushing and if they are giving equal attention to all areas of the mouth. The same goes for flossing. By concentrating on the task at hand, patients are more likely to remove as much plaque and debris as possible.
In addition to engaging in healthy daily habits, patients should visit their dental office every six months for professional cleanings and an annual checkup.
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