Dental extraction is a common general dentistry service where a tooth is removed from the mouth.

Extractions may become necessary for several reasons including severe tooth decay or infection, tooth damage due to breakage, severe gum disease, impacted wisdom teeth, to make space for orthodontic treatment, or during childhood, when baby teeth don’t fall out quickly enough to create space for emerging adult teeth.

Extractions Can Be Simple or Surgical

Simple extractions are performed on teeth that are visible and easily accessible in the mouth. Simple extractions do not require an incision and are performed under local anesthetic.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

However, surgical extractions require an oral surgeon and are usually necessary for more complicated situations, which may include:

  • Cracked or fractured teeth
  • Entangled or multiple curved roots
  • Impacted teeth
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Overly large sinuses
  • Teeth or bone infections

Dental Depot’s general dentists are experienced in a variety of tooth extractions.

Customers Say

My husband had a tooth pulled a few weeks ago and the Dr was amazing and so was his assistant!

So I'm DEATHLY AFRAID of going to the dentist to get work done for several reasons and my main reason is I have problems choking real easy but I went to Dental Depot and all of my fears were laid to rest when I went this week! I had a root canal done along with one being pulled and I didn't have any problems during both procedures! Thank you Dental Depot for giving me a good experience the 1st time and I will definitely be referring friends and family to see you all!

This was my first time here and first time geting teeth pulled. Everyone was super nice and gentle with everything. Dr patel was amazing at pulling my teeth. I will deffently be coming back and i recommend this place to everyone!

I had my first tooth pulled here and everyone was very comforting and made sure to talk to me through the whole procedure. It was a great first time experience, relaxing and the staff was wonderful.

I went in today to get my tooth pulled. The dental team was so nice to me, especially Dayla, kept my anxious myself at bay. Thank you Dr Sebourn, the whole process was painless and professional

Had to have a tooth pulled I was scared but my fears were put to rest quickly the dentist was so kind.

Very professional and friendly bunch here on South Side. Had to have a tooth pulled and I had little to no PAIN! Great Job!


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