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Dr. Caroline Graham

General Dentist

Dr. Caroline Graham is a new graduate from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry (and prior, completed her undergrad at Oklahoma State University). While Dr. Graham had initially considered research, she discovered she wanted to apply herself to a career that was more dynamic, and dentistry was the perfect match. 

When not in the office, Dr. Graham enjoys traveling to new places and trying exciting new cuisines with her high school sweetheart, Andrew. Together, they enjoy working out and finding farmer’s markets. In her free time, Dr. Graham likes watching HGTV and going to concerts, and is planning for a once-in-a-life-time visit to Antarctica!

I like using my hands and wanted to do something where I could make others smile, and what better way than dentistry! I think a smile can change a lot about a person and I love being able to give others the confidence to do what they love.


University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry
Oklahoma City, OK

Ask Dr. Hoang's Patients

Dr. Hoang is awesome. Very patient and understanding no matter how much I mess up my mouth ;-). Highly recommend dental depot to anyone looking for a dentist!"

This place is great and everyone was very friendly. I went in to have 2 teeth pulled only to find out it was 3 because 1 was impacted. I got all numb and waited for Dr Hoang to come back. He pulled the first tooth but going for the 2nd I needed more numbing stuff, so he gave me more and pulled the last 2 within seconds I was finished. He is great and will definitely go back. His nurse is also amazing."

Dr. Hoang and his staff are very friendly and professional. I've had work done this past month and he has been great. I highly recommend him and dental depot."

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