Crowns & Bridges

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Restorations like bridges and crowns are custom made for each individual patient.  Our dentists will take photographs and precise impressions of the treatment site to determine the exact specifications required to fabricate a restoration that will fit between existing teeth and inside the mouth. This will ensure that they feel natural and function properly.

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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are more extensive restorations than simple fillings. Unlike a filling, a crown covers an entire tooth above the gum line. A crown is essentially a tooth shaped cap that is permanently cemented to the biological tooth structure to protect what is left of a natural tooth, prevent further damage and build up the tooth to its rightful size and shape. Not only do crowns have restorative applications, they can be used to enhance the aesthetics of a smile. For instance, patients with misshapen or badly damaged teeth can receive multiple crowns to create a more visually pleasing smile.


A bridge is made up of multiple crowns, and instead of being used to cover a tooth, it is used to replace one or more missing teeth. If consecutive teeth are missing, a bridge can be used to replace up to three or four teeth. The crowns cemented together in a bridge will be connected to biological teeth on each side and will fill in the missing gaps of a smile so that a person can eat comfortably and smile confidently.

Our Dental Depot locations offer restorative dentistry to help our patients maintain healthy teeth.

Since 99% of the population develops at least one cavity in a lifetime, the overwhelming majority of people will require a restoration at some point in their lives. Dental crowns and bridges are custom restorations that increase oral function, restore appearance, and protect damaged or diseased teeth.

Materials Used to Make Restorations

Patients also have options for what materials are used to fabricate their crowns or bridges. Common materials include metals like silver or gold or porcelain. Metals are ideal for budget-conscious patients or for replacing teeth at the back of the mouth while porcelain is ideal for those who want a very natural looking restoration. Another popular option is for crowns or bridges to be made of a combination of metal and porcelain where porcelain serves as a natural looking complement to one’s smile without sacrificing the durability of metal.
Our goal is to help our patients achieve optimal oral health even after a dental injury or the onset of common disease which is why Dental Depot is proud to offer high quality, custom restorations like dental crowns and bridges. Through these restorations, we can help members of our community maintain proper oral function and even restore one’s appearance.

Why Restorations Are Necessary

Dental restorations are necessary for protecting oral health and re-establishing proper oral function. If teeth are affected by a dental injury or tooth decay, they can many times be treated with a simple restoration to prevent further deterioration of tooth structure. Since a tooth cannot regenerate tissue to heal itself like other mineralized structures, restorations are necessary when a tooth develops dental caries or has been cracked or chipped. For instance, a broken bone can heal over time but a tooth cannot.

Once a tooth is damaged and remains unprotected, its condition will only worsen. As more of the tooth deteriorates, its innermost and more sensitive structures, such as the root, will become exposed to oral debris and bacteria.

When the root is exposed to bacteria, root canal therapy can become necessary to stop the advancement of the infection and ultimately the development of a painful infection that starts at the root of a tooth (an abscess). If a tooth is beyond repair with restorations or endodontics (root canal treatment), it will need to be extracted, and tooth replacement options will become necessary.

If a damaged or a diseased tooth is treated in time, a dental crown can easily prevent the development of an infected root canal or an abscess.

Customers Say

After two crowns and two cleanings, I continue to be impressed by Dr. Gwilt and the staff at Dental Depot!

They have helped my get my crowns reattached. Love them wonderful service.

I have been coming for almost a year now and have had no problems. I've had root canals, crowns, fillings, and teeth cleanings and zero problems. They are awesome. The bad reviews on here befuddle me because they are all so nice. Plus they are open on SATURDAY WOOOT

Originally, I got a recommendation from a co-worker to go there. That was 11 years ago. Though I am generally scared of dentists because of bad experiences in the past, that has never been a problem with Dr. Glenn Ashmore at Dental Depot. My biannual cleanings with various dental hygienists have also gone well. I love watching the various toy trains that go in and out of the various rooms. Though I don't have kids, they have a kids play area. In addition to my regular cleanings, I've had crowns replaced and one root canal. When I had a lot of pain the day following the root canal, they got me in to be seen immediately the next morning. So if I love going there after all those experiences, you know they have to be good! Also, I've recommended them to many of my co-workers who have also had great experiences. I would give them more than 5 stars if I could.

Though not related to dental work, Dental Depot does a lot to beautify the grounds around their offices. For that they have received accolades from OKC Beautiful.

I've been going here for about 10 years now. I've been seen mostly by Glenn but occasionally by Cody. When I first started going there, I had just gotten insurance and was correcting some years of not having insurance. I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled, and they offered to fix all of my other cavities for $800. I didn't have $800, and they said they would let me pay it out. I was pretty broke and I really didn't think I could even afford to pay it out, but as I found later, they really, really meant that they would let me pay it out.
I went to Dental Depot on SW 104th and they wanted a lot more for the same work, so I came back to NW 23rd. They made good on their pricing promise and it was good.
Then later I needed two root canals and crowns, and they let me pay it out. They really worked with me on that, so it was actually affordable.


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