Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people are self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth.

Those with noticeable imperfections like discolorations, chips, and misshapen teeth tend to suffer emotionally and socially.

Smiling is an integral part of non-verbal communication and when people feel embarrassed by their smile, they can feel socially isolated. The emotional effects of having a flawed smile also take a toll on our patients. As a service to our patients, our dentists offer a number of cosmetic treatments and procedures that can improve the appearance of anyone’s smile – no matter how flawed.

Common Cosmetic Procedures

One of the most common cosmetic treatments that people receive is professional teeth whitening. This service is non-invasive and produces dramatic results. Chances are you probably know someone who has benefitted from a professional teeth whitening treatment. Dental Depot offers both in-office whitening and take-home kits. Both options contain prescription grade whitening solutions that are effective yet safe for teeth. Some popular brand names offered include Kor, Venus, and Bleaching for Life. While teeth whitening addresses permanent tooth stains, other cosmetic issues such as damaged, misshapen, and misaligned teeth can be concealed with cosmetic enhancements like porcelain veneers or covered with custom restorations.

When a series of porcelain veneers are bonded of the outsides of teeth, they can help produce a white, straight, and proportionate smile. Veneers are shell-like, tooth-shaped coverings that are ultra-thin. Made from high quality porcelain, which closely resembles natural, healthy tooth structure, veneers can create the appearance of a flawless smile.

Tooth-colored custom restorations can improve a flawed smile as well. Bonding custom dental crowns over badly worn down, chipped, and diseased teeth can create a visually pleasing aesthetic that allows patients to protect existing biological tooth structure from future damage.

Transforming Smiles with Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry changes lives. Whether a patient receives a simple whitening treatment or a complete smile makeover, he or she will enjoy a beautiful result that lasts for years to come. Not only will the aesthetics of one’s smile improve substantially, patients will also enjoy renewed confidence and self-esteem.

Our team of caring dentists is dedicated to helping our guests achieve the smile of their dreams.

To learn more about your treatment options, call the Dental Depot location nearest you to reserve a cosmetic dentistry consultation with our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for teeth whitening?

Dental Depot locations offer two types of whitening: chairside and take-home kits. Chairside whitening involves the application of prescription grade ingredients that can dramatically whiten one’s smile in one appointment. In-office whitening appeals to folks who are receiving their first whitening treatment or those who want quick results.

For touch-ups or for those who prefer to whiten their smiles gradually in the comfort of their homes, take-home whitening treatments are ideal. Our take-home kits offer custom trays and clinical yet safe ingredients that are easily applied at home on a daily basis for a predetermined amount of time.

In addition to offering these two convenient options, we provide effective and notable name-brand treatments including Kor, Kor Max, Bleaching for Life, and Venus. For assistance on choosing the right whitening method for your needs, we recommend speaking with one of our dentists.

What are veneers?

Porcelain veneers are cosmetic enhancements that can produce a complete smile makeover. Many celebrities and other notable public figures have used veneers so that they can achieve a red carpet-worthy smile. Fortunately, Dental Depot can offer the same level of artistry and results that the rich and famous receive.

By working closely with dental laboratories, our team can help rebuild your smile and conceal smile flaws by designing these cosmetic enhancements and permanently bonding them over teeth.

Veneers, made from the highest quality of porcelain, look and feel very natural. These enhancements can add uniformity to one’s smile while also concealing noticeable flaws such as misaligned teeth, misshapen teeth, and damaged teeth. After veneers are bonded over teeth, patients leave our office with a white and straight smile that looks healthy and natural.

How can contouring and reshaping affect my smile?

Contouring and reshaping can help a person enjoy a more proportionate looking smile – especially when excess gingival tissue covers too much of the visible surfaces of teeth. When teeth are reshaped, their jagged edges can be smoothed to produce a uniform and attractive appearance.

What is the cost for cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dental treatments can vary in price. Some treatments like reshaping or teeth whitening are relatively inexpensive and produce noticeable results. Those who receive multiple procedures or custom enhancements like veneers will pay more. Cosmetic dentistry is tailored to the needs of each person. After consulting with our dental team, our office will be able to give rough estimates for your treatment options so that you can plan for payment accordingly.

How can cosmetic dentistry improve the appearance of my smile?

Cosmetic treatments can literally change the shape, color, and overall appearance of teeth. These treatments address issues such as tooth misalignment, permanent stains, and noticeable damage from chips, cracks, and decay.

Customers Say

I had a crown done and a filling on my front tooth (cosmetic) and the staff was very courteous and professional. The dentists were great. Loved it!


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