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Dental Depot’s supportive and collaborative work environment is designed to help everyone at every level enjoy the kind of professional success and satisfaction that comes when you love your job. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or seeking to advance your career, Dental Depot is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and make a meaningful impact in the field of dentistry.

At Dental Depot, we understand that reaching your fullest potential takes more than just hard work; it takes smart, caring leadership and the shared investment of a team. Our unique business model of partner-owned and operated practices allows everyone–from our doctors and hygienists to our office and professional support staff–the autonomy, flexibility, and opportunity to focus and flourish. At Dental Depot, we make it our mission to enrich the professional experiences of our employees so they can enrich the lives of our patients, whether that’s through continuing education, cutting-edge technology, community engagement, or all of the above.

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Dental Depot

Dental Depot began in Oklahoma City in 1978 with a vision of delivering high-quality, common-sense dental care with a personal approach and at an affordable price. While our company has since expanded beyond that first original office building, we’ve never outgrown what makes us special–investing in the people around us. After more than 45 years of staying true to our founder’s passion for family-owned, -operated, and -oriented service, our roots have only grown deeper and stronger. Find out how our history can enrich your future by joining the Dental Depot team today.

Dental Depot

With more than 30 locations–and growing!--throughout Oklahoma and Arizona, as well as the DFW and Kansas City metro areas, there is a home for you with Dental Depot. All Dental Depot offices are partner-owned and operated by doctors who are deeply committed to the Dental Depot mission of providing compassionate, common-sense care to the communities they serve. Our Dental Depot locations work hard to create an unmatched patient experience, bolstered by the latest in innovative technology, a robust patient base, and our well-established reputation for professional, uncompromising quality.

Dental Depot

Dental Depot’s buildings are designed to provide a fun, welcoming, and comfortable atmosphere for patients of all ages seeking quality dental care. Thanks to careful attention to detail, combined with a focus on modern yet timeless aesthetics, each location reflects Dental Depot’s commitment to exceptional service and patient comfort. 

Our clean, state-of-the-art facilities are also a testament to Dental Depot’s dedication to innovative treatment options and cutting-edge technology. Dental Depot locations feature plenty of treatment bays and operatories that are fully staffed with trained professionals and fully equipped with the latest in dental care, giving both patients and providers the opportunity to focus on what’s important–the best experience possible for optimal oral health.

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I highly recommend working at Dental Depot. The positive and collaborative work environment, commitment to ongoing education, and dedication to exceptional patient care make it a great place to work in dentistry.

Dental Depot values its employees and provides ongoing training and a positive work environment. The team is passionate about providing exceptional patient care, and I'm proud to be a part of it. I highly recommend Dental Depot as a rewarding career opportunity in dentistry.

Dental Depot's commitment to exceptional patient care and ongoing education make it a great place to work. As a Front Desk Receptionist, I'm proud to play a role in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our patients. I highly recommend Dental Depot as a rewarding career opportunity in dentistry.

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