5 Easy Ways to Relax at the Dentist

Tension, stress, and even fear of dental treatments is common and varies in terms of severity. No matter at what level your anxiety hovers, we think these 5 tips will help you relax during your next dental visit.

1. Bring along your headphones.
Music does wonders for lowering stress. The right music can help lower your cortisol levels, blood pressure, and slow your heart rate, all of which make for a calmer you. Just bring along your headphones and get lost in the tunes that work best for you.

2. Don’t forget the shades!
Sunglasses do double duty while in the dentist’s chair, acting as goggles during your procedure and doubling as shade from the bright light overhead, helping you to feel a little more like you’re somewhere on a beach.

3. Practice a little deep breathing.
You have probably heard about this technique more times than you can count, but that’s because it works. While you’re sitting in the waiting room, or even in the chair, focus on taking slow, deep breaths, then breathe out the same way. This exercise will help reduce your heart rate, among other immediate health and well-being benefits.

4. Give yourself a distraction.
Whether you catch up on daytime television, read a book, play with a Rubik’s cube, or count something like the trains that roll through the Dental Depot offices, sitting at the dentist’s office is one time that distractions are absolutely welcome, and useful.

5. Practice honest communication.
Most importantly, talk to your dental team. Let them know how you are feeling and why you are feeling that way. There may very well be something they can do to help ease your tension.

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