5 Benefits to Starting Orthodontic Treatment Early

How old were you when you first got your braces? You might have been a teen or even chose to start orthodontic treatment as an adult. You might be surprised then, to know that the American Association of Orthodontists actually recommends that children have their first orthodontic consultation at the age of seven. But why so early? Well, children typically start to lose their primary teeth and gain permanent teeth between the ages of six and nine.
Here are 5 benefits to starting your child’s orthodontic care sooner rather than later.

1. Orthodontists are problem-solvers.

It’s during this time as primary teeth are falling out and permanent teeth are coming in that an orthodontist can identify potential issues early on about your child’s bite, jaw and problems with spacing. There are a lot of variables that could mean orthodontic treatment is in your child’s future that your orthodontist can help you identify.

2. Consultations put a plan together.

A typical orthodontic consultation includes a review of your child’s dental and medical history, an oral exam and series of x-rays, and a preliminary treatment plan. It gives you the opportunity to meet our staff and get familiar with our offices. With all of our orthodontic offices located in the same building as our general practices, scheduling cooperative treatment between orthodontics and general is as simple as walking down the hallway.
Just because your child is having a consultation at an early age doesn’t mean that braces will be put on at that time. In fact, most children start their orthodontic treatment between the ages of eight and 14, once the majority of your child’s permanent teeth have grown in.

3. Starting early can mean less time in treatment.

Children who start orthodontic treatment between the ages of 10 and 12 typically have the shortest amount of time in treatment because they’re growing much more rapidly than their teenage or adult counterparts and can often complete treatment in as little as 12 months (Teens typically spend between 12-24 months in braces and adults average 18-24 months).

4. Early detection and planning allows you more time to prepare financially.

Orthodontic treatment costs an average of $5,000 out of pocket. While some insurances can help with some of the cost, it can still be a lot to handle. The earlier a consultation determines if braces are in your child’s future, the sooner you can start saving. Here at Dental Depot, we offer three unique payment plans to help you find the option that works best for your family.

5. Treatment options are better today.

Overall, your child is in good hands when it comes to orthodontic options with today’s technology. Damon brackets (think traditional looking braces) are lighter, smaller and work faster than the braces you probably wore in your teenage years.
We also offer clear Damon brackets with aesthetic wires that minimize the appearance of braces while doing just as much work as their metal counterparts.
Invisalign for Teens is another option for your child, giving them a progressive set of clear aligners to move their teeth into position that’s virtually invisible.
Orthodontic treatment itself has numerous benefits (speaking and eating easier, increased confidence, improved self-esteem, etc.), but it’s important to start the process early. Having a straight smile can even go as far as helping your child land good jobs in the future.
The earlier concerns with your child’s jaw or teeth can be identified, the easier they can be treated. By just taking your child to a consultation with an orthodontist you’re starting to give your child a smile they’ll feel proud of for the rest of their lives.
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