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It takes a dedicated support staff to keep a practice as large as Dental Depot on track. That’s why we look for talented, focused individuals to come aboard as a part of our Executive Leadership Office (ELO). What began as a small family practice in 1978 has grown into a multi-million dollar group practice with 30+ locations across four states, and more offices scheduled to open in 2023.

Located in Oklahoma City, the ELO office is just blocks from Dr. Glenn Ashmore’s original practice at 23rd St. and N. Drexel Blvd. In 2020, the New ELO office opened – a 40,000 sq. ft. church that’s been sympathetically renovated, creating space for over a 100 employees.

It takes several support teams to keep Dental Depot running like a well-oiled engine. Here’s a look at the departments that make up Dental Depot ELO:

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The primary functions of accountants at Dental Depot are to process all AP payments, manage expenses and bill, and to provide financial reporting. 

Clinical Support

Clinical Support offers support to all Dental Depot locations. They work with the clinical team to insure they have the necessities to fully function and operate each dental office. They help with supply ordering, OSHA guidelines and regulations, training, and much more.

Professional Recruiting

Our recruiters travel to many locations and events across the country to seek out the most talented dentists, orthodontists and hygienists to join Dental Depot’s team. Even when not actively bringing in new doctors, our recruiting staff are always out and about building relationships with dentists and orthodontists across the country.

Information Technology

The Dental Depot IT team services and maintains the computer components that help run our offices, as well as the overall network infrastructure. IT is essential in keeping all our offices running smoothly, ensuring we can provide patients with efficient care.

Human Resources

The HR department is responsible for the hiring process of new employees, administration, training of personnel, and the handling of various interpersonal conflicts.


The goal of our marketing team is to increase awareness of the Dental Depot brand and services through various means, including community outreach, both traditional and digital advertisement, research of the general market, and creative problem solving. 

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