In honor of Dental Depot’s 40th Anniversary, we want to recognize the people who have dedicated their careers to this family company, as well as the patients and friends who have been with us along the way. And because dentistry is an art as well as a clinical science, we thought it would be fun to get a little artistic!

People of Depot is a video and photo series that tells the very human stories of the people who have helped make Dental Depot what it is today. It is a project of love and gratitude meant to introduce our incredible doctors, clinical staff, support staff, patients and friends to the communities we serve.

From our family to yours, we thank you for allowing us to serve you and for being a part of our lives. We hope you enjoy the People of Depot as much as we do.

People of Depot

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“I actually lost my dad before I started working here, so I’m just here alone and I have a really great support system of friends. You know, when I’m not working I just do everything I can to be around them. I have two little dogs that I love dearly and so I just do a lot of hanging out with them. When my dad passed away, he was really adamant that I make the house that I grew up in into my own little bachelorette pad. So, I’m working my way through my house room by room, and I like to think that, you know, among other things, that makes my dad happy.” READ MORE…

Meredith | Assistant Manager | Norman | Since 2016

“I was deployed before I started working here, with the Oklahoma Army National Guard in Kosovo. I’m a 25 Uniform: it’s signal communications, but I’m in a medevac unit so I don’t really do my job, I do more aviation stuff. I work in the operations area. I talk on the radios and do flight plans and just admin stuff, sort of like what we do here. Our unit is right next to the prison in Lexington. I’ve been in the Guard 4 years now, and I’m going to reenlist. I plan on doing the whole 20 years because I like being in the army. I want to go active, actually, but I’m a single parent so it’s a little bit different for me …  READ MORE…

Aliyah | Business Office Associate | Northwest OKC | Since 2018

“I graduated 1977. Went to the army, for a while. Went to Germany. The army was good. I was a diesel mechanic generator/operator. Used to drive the CO. That was a lot of fun. We used to get to go to the secret missile sites in the mountains. I’ve been to Switzerland, been to Holland. I’ve been to Amsterdam … ” READ MORE…

Tommy | Painter & Vehicle Maintenance | Since 2006

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New content will be posted regularly through the end of 2018.